Understanding Which Companies to Onboard and Which Not To

by Justin Dabish | June 20, 2024


Understanding Which Companies to Onboard and Which Not To

In the world of agencies, knowing which companies to onboard and which to pass on is crucial for success. Not every company is a good fit for your agency, and vice versa. Recognizing this can make a huge difference.

Learning to say, “Hey, we think this might not be a good fit,” and walking away can do amazing things. Imagine spending 100 hours of work on a client who is eager for success and truly wants to make a positive change in their company versus spending 100 hours on a client who thinks throwing money at something will automatically bring an ROI, without any interest in understanding what you or your agency are doing for them. The difference in results is huge.

Even further. The client who takes the time to understand what your technology does or can do. Versus the one who doesn’t understand it all. Will truly value your work.

When looking at our most successful clients, it wouldn't be accurate to say their success was solely due to us. The clients who had the most success with our marketing technology are the ones who put in the work with us. It’s a partnership, and those who are willing to collaborate and engage see the best outcomes.

Understanding this balance is essential. It’s about finding clients who match your agency’s values and who are committed to working together towards success. This mutual understanding and collaboration lead to the best results and a more fulfilling professional relationship.

Quality agencies pick and choose their clients. Saying yes to everyone is a telltale sign of an agency that doesn’t care about their clients. Not every potential client is going to be a good fit, regardless of their budget. And that’s okay.

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